3 Simple Steps to Cope with Stress

Stress is always and will always be present in our lives. So what sets us apart is how we deal with our stress – from diabetes, and from life in general.

Ever wondered how some people with diabetes seem to be “having it all”? Fearless, hopeful, and stress-free. So much so that you might ask, “How?”.

What you’ll read next can potentially change how you view life forever. Ok, I’m kidding. But…

This will get you closer to living a better life, WITH the stress from diabetes. Let me share three key steps:

1. Write down your fears and what makes you stressed

– Writing them down helps us acknowledge them and acknowledgement is the 1st step in Change.

– Writing makes what stresses you out much easier and clearer to deal with.

2. Ask yourself: Are these fears / stressors realistic? Is it truly a cause for concern?

– Find out more information (ask a qualified professional, ask your doctor, ask Google, ask us!)

– The famous phrase “Knowledge is Power” can be interpreted in this instance as “Knowledge is Powerful in helping us discover if what makes us worry, SHOULD make us worry”.

3. Ask yourself: Does this thought help you lead the life you want to lead?

– If yes, then continue to think this way. We should always work towards the life we want to lead, in the best possible way given our circumstances.

– If no, think about what to do next that will lead you closer to the life you want to lead. Can you do anything about this stress/ this thought/ this fear? Write down what you CAN do. Write down what you CANNOT do. With that, you have the choice to engage in what can be done, and accept what cannot be done.

Remember,  as John Wooden (UCLA basketball coach for 27 years) once said, “It’s the little details that are vital.  Little things make big things happen.”. Take action, and see the difference.

Someone once told me, writing down your stress makes them real. Let me challenge that with a statement,

Writing them down, makes them CLEAR.

Clarity aids Recognition. If you don’t recognize your stress, they will always be “real”, even if they are not. Writing them down helps us identify if they ARE real; if they are worth fearing about. Write down your stress and fears makes them less formidable, less scary; they become more manageable, and gets you one step closer to successfully overcoming them.

Let me end off my post on what success is, according to John Wooden (yes him again!).

“Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to do the best of which you are capable.”

Succeed in managing the stress from diabetes, by doing all that you can to address & overcome them.

Put in that effort; try writing them down, and ask yourself the questions above.

We only get answers by questioning ourselves, and these answers will light your way to success.

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