Diabetes- Stop and think, what’s in your drinks?

Do your drinks matter?

The simple answer is yes!!

Did you know that many sugary drinks are absorbed very quickly into your body, so they cause a sharp rise in your blood glucose levels. They are also full of energy, so without realising it you could be piling on the pounds! In fact some drinks can even contain as much energy as a small meal and exceed your recommended sugar intake for the day.

An easy way to improve your blood glucose and cut down your energy intake, is to choose reduced sugar or better still, sugar free drinks.

Lets start swapping:

teaspoon= 1 teaspoon of sugar.


kopi drinks                                      kopi kosong drink

Kopi (one cup)                                                  Kopi O Kosong(one cup)

teaspoonteaspoonteaspoonteaspoonteaspoon                                            0 spoons


drinks- fruit juice                          drinks- water

Fruit juice (500ml)                                                 Water (500ml)

teaspoonteaspoonteaspoonteaspoon teaspoon                                             0 spoons

teaspoonteaspoonteaspoonteaspoonteaspoon                      For more flavour try adding some

                                                                 ginger or  fresh cucumber.


lipton                                                     oolong


lce tea- (500ml)                                                        Oolong tea (500ml)

teaspoonteaspoonteaspoonteaspoonteaspoon                                                 0 spoons



teh                                                    teh o

Tea    (one cup)                                                         Teh o kosong (one cup)

teaspoonteaspoonteaspoonteaspoonteaspoon                                                 0 spoons


coke                                                          coke

Cola (500ml bottle)                                            Diet Cola (500ml bottle)