Types of exercise you should be doing

The Types Of Exercise You Should Be Doing

Ever googled “Best types of exercise” only to be bombarded with hundreds of different answers?

Depending on your fitness goal, the types of exercise does matters. Additionally, it needs to be a mix of different type of exercises. No one wants to end up looking like a chicken – all chest with stick thin legs.

With a huge variety of exercise, how do we know the difference between each type and, how it benefits us? What if we just want to keep healthy or, for people with diabetes, to manage the condition? When it comes to Type 2 diabetes, obesity is a big part of the problem. Hence, it is important to shed the excess fats, as they are one of the reasons for insulin resistance.

Thankfully, losing weight is not impossible. Essentially, we should strive to burn more than the number of calories we get from our food.

Our basal metabolic rate (BMR) is how fast we burn calories while resting. The majority of the total calories we burn is from this process (i.e. from BMR). The remaining calories are burned through exercise. Generally, we should all get at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day. But, going the extra mile brings greater health benefits!

Types of Exercise

Ultimately, there are 4 main types of exercise – Aerobic, Strength, Flexibility, and Balance. However, when it comes to which is the best for diabetes management, there are 2 camps of people – Aerobic and Strength. Here’s an infographic to sum up the differences!

types of exercise inforgraphic


So Which Do I Choose?

If we can only choose one of the two, cardio exercise is the best for weight loss. However, mixing both types of exercise keeps the calorie burn higher and longer. This is because, with strength training, an individual’s body mass increases with the amount of muscles and hence, burning more calories!

So, why choose one when you can do both? Here’s an awesome article written by a two-time Olympian on an easy home workout routine that you can try!

What About Diet?

One’s diet is equally, if not more important than exercise. By controlling what we put into our body, it directly affects the amount of exercise we have to do in order to burn it off!

GlycoLeap is an effective weight and chronic condition management app that helps users better manage diabetes or pre-diabetes or those looking to prevent it. All done with the help of health experts like qualified dietitians. These experts guide users through small changes over time,  to lose weight, and/or lower blood glucose as well as lead healthier lifestyles.

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