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6 Tips to Successfully Manage Portions

Over eating is a regular problem when it comes to weight control. Even if you have chosen good quality foods, it’s all to easy to go back for second helpings or dish up large portions, which can affect your weight. To help you manage portions we have some top tips for you:

A smaller plate is great

Using a smaller plate helps you to modify your meal portions whilst still having a full plate of foods. Studies show that you are more likely to feel satisfied when you manage portions this way.

Give yourself some time

Eat slowly. If you are still hungry after your meal, try to wait for 20 minutes before you go back for second helpings. It can take this long to register that your stomach is full. Distract yourself in between if you are tempted to nibble!

Veggies for round 2

If you are still hungry after 20 minutes, choose your second helpings wisely. One way of doing this is to go for more veggies. They are low in energy and packed with fibre and vitamins so make these first choice when you go for seconds!

Stick to one plate

If you tend to share dishes as a family, it can be easy to overeat. Before you know it, you’ll have eaten 2-3 plates of food! Try to put everything you plan to eat on one plate and stick to it.

No need to eat it all, that is what a freezer is for!

It can feel wasteful if you do not finish all of the food that you or your family have prepared. Rather than squeezing it in when you are full, or throwing it away, try to freeze leftovers. They can make a yummy, healthy ready meal at a later date.

Perfect portions

Have you opened a large packet of chips, and before you know it you have munched your way through them? It’s so easily done and quickly bumps up your energy intake. Next time you have a large packet of snacks, pour just a few into a bowl and put the rest in the cupboard. A smaller portion like this should be enough to satisfy.

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