Start your New year Right: A Healthier 2017

It’s time for new year resolutions. What can you do to truly start the year right? I’m going to skip all the long resolutions and focus on 2 key resolutions to keep in 2017 to make a big difference in your health: 1. Stick to your plans. 2. Enjoy your meals.

1. Stick to your plans

Stick to the plan of getting active. I’m not saying sign up for a 42km marathon – I’m saying brisk-walk for 10min a day. Here are some suggestions we have had from our GlycoLeap team and GlycoLeap users when we ask what small steps they’d take in 2017:

– Take the stairs when going to work

– Walk briskly for 10min a day

– Run 2.4km once a week

– Run thrice a week

– Practice yoga once a week

– Stand up on the way to work if you are taking public transport

– Include brown rice in my diet with 20% brown rice & 80% white rice

– Change Kopi to Kopi Siew Dai (coffee with condensed milk but less sugar)

Are these manageable? Honestly, these small steps are significant in making big changes in 2017 IF YOU STICK TO IT. Choose specific, attainable, timebound goals because they increase the chances of you succeeding in your resolutions.

An article on setting effective goals:

3 tips to reach your health goals: S.A.T.

2. Enjoy your meals

Can eating healthily be delicious? Of course. I’m not talking about having salad for every meal – I like my rice and local cuisines too much. This new year, it’s about eating your favourite meals but tweaking them to make them better for your health.

Let me share pictures of some mouth-watering healthy meals together with insider dietitian tips – you ready?

I. Fish, Veg, Rice

Consider a daily dose of quality protein (salmon), vegetables (broccoli and carrots), and carbs (rice)! To make this meal even better, switch 20% of white rice with brown rice!

II. Breakfast Oats

Oats are easy to prepare, and absolutely delicious. To make this a yummy option, try oats with fruits and chia seeds! Note that a fist-sized of fruits is 1 serving – aim for 2 servings of fruits and 2 servings of vegetables daily! If you enjoy oats with milk/yoghurt, do choose low-fat milk/yoghurt or sugar-free soy milk.

More articles on fruits and portions sizes:

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III. Bibimbap

Personally, I love Korean food. Bibimbap is one of my favourites. Notice that we placed the spicy-sweet sauce in a small saucer? If you’re ever in a dilemma as to how much sauce to take, remember: sauces are meant for saucers.

Leaving some sauce behind can help to keep your sodium intake and blood pressure in check too.

IV. Thunder Tea Rice

Do you know that Thunder tea rice is known to be Hakka dish? The herbs and tea leaves in the soup is full of antioxidants. It contains ingredients such as basil, cilantro, mint, and parsley. This dish usually comes with a generous portion of ikan bilis, chai po (salted tunip/radish) – but go easy on them ok?

V. Chapati

Chapati is another one of my favourites – I know, I’ve many favourite foods.

Fun fact: 1 piece of chapati is around 150 calories. Aim for 1 piece of chapati if you are having a bigger portion of dhall – because dhall has carbs too. In general, also cut back on the sauce if it’s salty.


VI. Hawker food

I’m sure many of us will think, “Aiya, but what about hawker food? It’s so unhealthy – how to enjoy it and eat healthily at the same time?”. We have an article on how to make healthier rice options, noodle options, western meal options, and ethnic meal options at hawker centres here:

Healthier Eating At Hawker Centres And Food Courts with Diabetes

Here’s another good read on 25 local foods that are better meal choices for people with diabetes.

30 Diabetes Friendly Local Foods to Eat in Singapore

In conclusion

Start your new year the right way with the 2 key resolutions mentioned above: Sticking to the plan, and enjoying your meals.

If you wish to know more specific tweaks to the meals you have daily, why not ask a real-life professional dietitian’s advice? The best part is you can simply message them through Glyco app – anytime, anywhere.

Try our 14 day free trial by downloading our app for free on App Store or Google Play Store. Rest assured that no payment card details are required.

Note: You can still use it for free after 14 days simply as an app to log your meals if you think chatting with a dietitian doesn’t fit in your new year resolutions!

Want us to call you to share more information? No problem.

Drop us an email at with your phone number and we’ll arrange for a call to share more about GlycoLeap.

We look forward to supporting you in your journey to better health in the new year!


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