1 Solution To Solve Problems: Curb your cravings!

Want to learn how to solve problems such as food cravings?  It’s actually possible to have 1 solution. Give it a shot and you’ll see!

All you need to know are 5 steps. Easy peasy!

Problem Solving Diagram

1. Describe the problem

You’ll have to be specific. Direct! To the point!

Write down:

  • What the problem is
  • What led to it

For example, if the problem is that you keep craving for sugary drinks (yes – they are EVERYWHERE), think about what led to the consumption of it.

Is it due to the hot weather?

Or because you always walk pass the drinks stall and it’s so convenient to get it before getting to office?

Is it because it’s something you have always been drinking aka a daily habit?

Is it because everyone orders it and you don’t want to be different?

Or is it because it’s readily available at home or in your work pantry?

Perhaps you were having a bad day, or a stressful one, and this is a way to ‘destress’?

Look out for these reasons or other reasons to your problem.

Usually, a chain of reasons will appear – reasons that link up to the eventual problem (taking that sugary drink).  You might be having a stressful day, and seeing a can of sugary drink at your pantry, you just reach for it; the weather is so hot anyway. And there you go – these 3 reasons link together, resulting in the problem of consuming that drink.

2. Brainstorm solutions

This is the fun part!

You get to write ANYTHING to solve your problem. Of course, let’s filter off the negative and unrealistic stuff. Like, do not quit your job just because your pantry is always stocked up with sugary drinks.

Keep it positive. Keep it constructive.

Write down options for each reason you wrote down that led to the problem.

Reasons for the Problem Solutions

Stressful day

Take a 5 minute walk.

Eat a healthy snack.

Have some coffee or tea without sugar – enjoy the natural aroma of this.

Saw canned drink in fridge

Do not open the fridge.

Search for an alternative healthier drink (e.g. that multigrain soy milk; the low-fat milk).

Hot day

Take some ice-cold water.

3. Pick 1 to try!

Choose 1 that is most appealing, and achievable to you.

You don’t have to ‘pounce’ om all the solutions at once if you have many reasons to address!

Choose by weighing the pros and cons!

4. Make an action plan

This is not going to be complicated plan! Simple and direct will do!

Use this words to guide you:

  • I will… when…
  • I will also … to increase my chances of successes


  • I will find an alternative drink when I see the canned drink!
  • I will also tell my colleague to remind me to take an alternative drink to increase my chances of successes.

5. Try it! Evaluate success

Be excited to try out your plan! When the situation comes again, remember your plan and act on it.

If you find that you’ve acted on it – WELL DONE. I’m really proud of you.

If you find that you have not – No sweat! This means that this plan is NOT the one for you! Choose another from the “brainstormed-list”.

Trust me and give it a shot. This will work if you put your heart into it when you think of your solutions, plan out your course of action, and act on it.

If you succeed, you’re found one solution to your problem!

If you do not succeed, well, actually you have! You have found one solution that does not work for you.

That’s one step closer to finding something else that does.



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