How to say NO nicely to food offered

We feel stressed when we can’t reject someone who is being friendly by offering us a snack (which you know is bad for your health). If you take it and eat it all, your glucose levels will skyrocket. “How to say no? What if I hurt their feelings? I will feel bad if I say ‘No.” Such thoughts come often to many of us.

How to say no and act upon it?

The main answer is: Don’t be paiseh to reject others who offer you food.

For those unfamiliar with this Singlish term, paiseh can be thought of us ‘feel embarrassed’. The difficult part is: How to not be paiseh?!

Learn this method called: The Kind Snack Rejection

The Kind Snack Rejection

Be kind to your health, and be kind to others when saying “no”.  Kind rejection is actually simple and the recipient of your answer will not be hurt (Win-win right?).

  • When being offered a snack, respond gently & firmly, with a smile & slight shaking of your head
  • “No, I’ll have to pass this time, thank you so much.”
  • If they ask, “Are you sure?”
    • “No thank you. I’m sure I don’t want it.”

And sometimes people might unintentionally make it harder so say no, by asking “Why?”

  • If they ask, “Why?”
    • “I’m not up for it today.”
    • “I’ve reached my quota for sugary stuff.”
    • “No, it’s ok, I’m not hungry.”
  • If they say, “It’s ok, 1 more wouldn’t hurt!”
    • “It’s really ok, thank you so much – please take my share for yourself.”
    • “Ah thanks, but I’m working on being more healthy and have already reached my limit for ___ (unhealthy/ sugary food)!

Always smile, & be firm. It’s easy to persuade someone who isn’t sure of what he/ she wants. If you do not want that snack, be firm when responding.

Being firm shows confidence, and others will appreciate your sureness and ability to say no so nicely.

So, say no nicely. Be nice to others and to your body.

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