Mooncake calories versus hawker food calories

Mooncake Calories Are More Than Laksa Calories?!

Mooncake Calories

Do you know that 1 lotus seed paste mooncake calories content is MORE than that of 1 plate of char kway teow’s?!?! This small dessert packs a punch of calories. This infographic speaks volumes on mooncake calories in comparison with some of our common hawker foods.

What Does This Mean?

This means – SHARE YOUR MOONCAKE. The recommended portion of mooncake to indulge in is 1/8 of a mooncake, which is approximately 100 calories.

Don’t worry, we are not telling you to skip your mooncake this Mid-Autumn Festival, but to exercise caution with the amount of mooncake you consume. 🙂 Portion control is key! When buying mooncakes, you can also ask the salesperson if there are “less sweet” or “low sugar” options. According to Channel News Asia’s recent article, low-sugar mooncake options can be found at Shangri-La’s Shang Palace Restaurant, and Ritz Carlton Singapore.

However when you’re offered a mooncake, how do you say no without hurting others’ feelings?

How to Say “No” Nicely

Practice the Kind Snack Rejection. Kind rejection is a way to say “no” nicely to others where the other party will not be hurt.

When being offered a snack, try 3 steps:

  • Shake your head
  • Say “No, thank you.”
  • Smile slightly

If they insist,

  • Shake your head again
  • Say “It’s really fine. Thank you I’ve had enough. Please take my share!”

Smile but be firm. As mentioned in my previous article, “it’s easy to persuade someone who isn’t sure of what he/ she wants.” Being firm with your response will help convey that you do not want the full mooncake.

What if I “Have” to Take a Full Mooncake?

If there is no way you can avoid taking a full mooncake (e.g. your grandma insists you take a full one!), here are some tips you can take:

Break it Down: Mooncake

1. Request to cut the mooncake into 8 slices to ration out your portion. There is a chance that others might take it if it’s in smaller slices too.

Break it Down: Mooncake Type

2. Choose a no-sugar added mooncake (they use sugar substitutes instead; this does not mean they are carbohydrate-free, but that they are lower in sugar), and one with nuts/dried fruit added (for extra fibre and healthy fats).

Break it Down: Activity

3. Exercise to burn off those mooncake calories! Keep in mind that a full mooncake (of 188g) is about 700 calories, thus find some ways to get active! You can choose to break it down to 20min at each time instead of going directly for a 1h workout session! Brisk walking for 30min a day helps too!

To Wrap it Up

In conclusion, do your body a favour by saying no nicely! If that does not work OR if the situation requires you to take some mooncakes, do break it down into smaller portions, and get active! 🙂

Let me know if these tips work for you or if you have other suggestions that have worked! Would love to hear about it at!

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