Milo vs Milk: Which is the better breakfast drink?

When I was younger, having a cup of Milo was a treat. I remember scooping an extra spoonful of Milo powder to make the drink thicker and more satisfying. Even now as an adult, I would grab a packet of Milo for breakfast to replace coffee on the weekends. Honestly, I’m a Milo fiend. However, since I’ve decided to be a little healthier, I’ve started to wonder if I should be grabbing that packet of Milo for breakfast instead of milk. Let’s put it to the test, Milo vs milk!

After a bit of digging, the winner of the better breakfast drink is…

MILK! Specifically, low-fat fresh milk. Though it may be obvious, let’s dive a little deeper to find out how milk is better than Milo. For this, I’ve compared a Milo tetra pack (200ml) and 200ml of Meiji Low-Fat milk.

Milk has slightly lesser calories

Milk has about 20 calories lesser than Milo. But this could be way more if you add condensed milk or extra sugar to your cup of Milo. If you’re watching your weight, Milo may not be such a good choice after all.

Milk has slightly less sugar and carbohydrates

Did you know that Milo tetra pack’s first ingredient is sugar?

Milk has 2g less sugar, and 5g fewer carbohydrates, compared to Milo. This is equivalent to around half a teaspoon less of sugar, or 1 dessertspoon less of rice of equivalent carbohydrate. The sugar in Milo is also predominantly added sugar, whereas the sugar in milk is naturally occurring lactose. We know that the WHO says that added sugar is the problem in our diet. It can contribute to weight gain or higher blood sugar levels, whereas naturally occurring sugar in milk is ok for our health. Hence, milk is the winner in this Milo vs milk face-off!

Milk has twice the amount of protein

Protein is the nutrient that helps us build and repair our muscles, organs and glands. It turns out milk has 2.0g more protein than Milo, which is almost double! So, milk is better than Milo in terms of providing you with this important nutrient to keep your body strong.

Milk has more than twice the calcium

200ml of milk contains 302mg of calcium, while 200ml of Milo contains only 120mg. The daily requirement for calcium for the average adult is 800mg. Therefore, 1 serving of milk fulfils almost half of our daily requirement of calcium.

So…What’s the best drink for breakfast: Milo vs Milk?

It seems that milk is the better and healthier drink to start your day with. However, if low-fat milk is not your cup of tea, you could look into the other types of milk available. Just remember to take a look at the food label to make a more informed choice when purchasing groceries; for example, go for plant milk without any added sugar, sweeteners or fats, and ideally fortified with vitamin D and calcium for bone health.

Milo may not be the healthiest drink for breakfast, but you don’t have to stop drinking it all together. Keep in mind that moderation is key. So I suppose one packet of Milo a week isn’t so bad after all. 😉

Our dietitian Bonnie suggests to go for low-fat milk with 1 small teaspoon of Milo powder if you’re really craving for Milo but still want the benefits of milk’s calcium and protein! Remember to stick with just 1 teaspoon rather than a heaped tablespoon to control your calories and sugar!

Check out the infographic below for an overview of Milo vs Milk.

Milo vs Milk-Infographic*Disclaimer: The brand displayed is for illustrative purposes only and not an endorsement by GlycoLeap.

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