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Maintain diabetes control: How to keep a good thing going

Summary: There are many things to do which can help control diabetes. In this post, I’m going to focus on 2 tips to maintain good control of diabetes – track your progress and having a good support group.

Track your progress

Monitoring your progress is essential even if you feel that you have achieved your goal.

The problem with tracking is: It is a hassle. This is especially so if you feel that you have gained good control of your blood sugar levels and/or understand what foods make your blood sugar levels rise.

How do we make this less of a hassle? Simple: reduce the number of times you monitor but keep the practice there.

Monitor by:

– Keeping a food log (like what Glyco app has!) of foods that are NOT in your routine meals

– Note your sugar levels 2h before and 2h after that meal

You can write it like this:

Pre-meal glucose Food Post-meal glucose
6.5mmol/L Fried chicken curry, ¼ bowl of rice, 1 egg. 8.7mmol/L


If you love technology and would like a record on your phone, you can choose to do the table in an excel sheet OR try out Glyco app’s food and glucose logging feature ( ). Here’s a snippet of what it looks like (last updated: 1st August 2016):

glyco app screenshot with picture of sashimi poke bowl

Maintain a good support group

Ever wanted to join an online community of people who face similar challenges. motivations, and lifestyle as you?

Here are some communities for you to consider!

1. Join our Facebook online community – Diabetes SG – to share and learn about the experiences of people with T2 diabetes in Singapore.

2. Join these communities which have chat forums, talks, occasional activities or events, and even support group programmes. If you are already part of these groups – good on you! Continue with the activities to keep in touch with friends going through the same journey. What better way to make a positive difference than to provide mutual support for each other?

Diabetic Society of Singapore (DSS)

For Headquarters: 6842 6019 / 6842 3382

Talks & Events:

DSS Diabetes Support Group Programme


DSS Financial Assistance Programme


TOUCH Diabetes Singapore

6252 2861


3. Join the classes at your nearby community clubs to get active and moving! There are 108 community clubs managed by the People’s Association (PA) in Singapore. To find out which community clubs are near you, simply key in your postal code at this website:

4. Another way to maintain a good support group is to get your buddy – someone whom you’ll set goals and reward yourselves together upon completion of any health goal e.g. 150min of exercise each week. Your Buddy can be anyone you trust!

Some suggestions for dual goal-setting:

“If we clock in 150min a week, we can treat ourselves to (shopping; watching a movie)?”

“Whenever we hit 10,000 steps each day, let’s celebrate by _____!”

Note: Challenge yourself by not choose a food-related reward ok?


In summary:

1. For meals not in your usual routine, note them down + measure your pre-meal and post-meal reading.

2. Keep your support group close. If you have one, continue to support one another. If you don’t have one, why not join one? 🙂


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