Kat: How GlycoLeap has helped me manage diabetes

We are constantly inspired by enthusiastic individuals such as Katherine. Katherine has been living with T2 diabetes for about 8 years prior to using GlycoLeap.  In about 1.5min, she shares about how GlycoLeap had encouraged her to exercise more, and highlights that it increased her knowledge on how to better manage diabetes.

Prefer to read the transcript? Here it is:

Hi I’m Katherine, I’m 38. I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was age 30. The doctor advised me that it was due to work stress and of course (I was) a bit too fat!

All along, I have been very concerned about diabetes because I have a family history of it, so I’ve always been very careful about it.

But when I was diagnosed early, I was actually quite stressed out… because it hits me as an impact because most people don’t get it so young. Along the way the doctors helped me but I don’t really keep track of it myself because the doctor does it for me every 3 months.

With this app, it actually helps me to understand how my blood sugar fluctuates everyday, or every week as compared to every 3 months. I know how much I’m exercising and it fact it tells me that I’m not exercising enough! So, I signed up for a gym membership recently! (the app) really motivates me quite a bit.

I think (GlycoLeap) is a very good app to help me manage my diabetes now. And I’m actually quite confident in what kind of food is good, and what exercise we should be doing… so yup! I hope I can actually live a longer life with this app!

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