Healthy Holiday Eating Tips to Adopt This Christmas!

Christmas is one of the most celebrated holiday around the world. Seeing the lights and decors being put up, carols echoing through the streets, and your calendar slowly filling up, you know that Christmas is around the corner! Food makes up a big part of Christmas, and more often than not, we are left with a big bloated stomach after every Christmas gathering because of our bad eating habits. Overeating is a common issue particularly when we are faced with a wide spread of food (especially during the Christmas season)! So let’s start by learning some of the healthy holiday eating tips below, shall we?

healthy holiday eating tips



Always ask for a smaller serving plates/bowls at potlucks

Did you know that the size of the serving plates and cups affects the food portion sizes that we eat? Research shows that larger plates, bowls and cutleries, often trick us into consuming more food than we usually would. To help yourself manage your food portions better, ask for a smaller serving plate. If not, be more conscious by taking smaller portions of food from the spread.

Social eating habits

While dining with a group of friends at a party, they often influence our food choices, food intake and eating pace. Say if your companion is a big and fast eater, we would most likely imitate and eat like them and fall into the trap of eating too much subconsciously. It takes about 20 minutes for our stomach to send the signal back to the brain to let it know you are full. But if we are eating too quickly, we would have eaten more than we should, before the brain knows that you are full. So, what can you do in this situation?

  • Chew thoroughly with each mouthful of food. Chewing on our food will influence satiety.
  • Listen to your stomach cues. Know when you are “starving”, “I could eat more,” and “stuffed.” Stopping at “I could eat more” would be just right.

healthy holiday eating tips

The forbidden zone

Remember how we always say, out of sight, out of mind? Same goes with food! The more we see food, the more we would want to eat it. Particularly at potlucks/buffets, food NEVER runs out, which encourages us to eat more than what we should. Make it a healthy eating habit to stay away from the food table and keep the snacks far from within reach. In that way, we would less likely to snack on food even after we are full, saving ourselves from overeating!

A good start to a meal

To curb overeating habits, picking the right food choices to start your meal off is important. The best pick would be healthier foods such as a bowl of salad, a piece of fruit. As you know, fresh fruits and vegetables are fibre rich, it would bring you satiety. Feeling slightly full, the likelihood of overeating would decrease significantly.

healthy holiday eating tips

Let’s start to adopt the healthy holiday eating tips this christmas!

There you have it, a couple of healthy holiday eating tips to help you out this Christmas. Now go eat, drink and be merry over this season and be in full control of your food intake! Remember to put these tips into practice! Also, if you would like to read more on tips to keep your weight and blood glucose in check over Christmas, click here.

Have a blessed joyous Christmas! 🙂


With love, from team Glycoleap!

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