exercising in rainy weather

Exercising in Rainy Weather – 10 Easiest Indoor Workouts

Monsoon season is in full force in Singapore with the end of November forecasted as the start of wet season, and exercising in rainy weather has become an inevitable chore. Your umbrella’s probably become your best friend (and hopefully not giving you as much stress as this YouTuber’s relationship with her umbrella).

Monsoon season means the weather’s cooler and perfect for an outdoor stroll; until a heavy shower comes our way! Although research shows you may burn more calories exercising in rainy weather, there are easy ways to stay dry and safe. Other than heading to the gym, maintain your motivation from this list of fun indoor workouts and get wet from a sweat to cure your rainy blues.

1. Swimming in the rain

If you’re going to get wet in a drizzle by heading out, why not have fun doing it! Head to your neighbourhood pool for a water workout. There’s bound to be a swimming pools nearby with either ActiveSG or Safra. For days with thunderstorms, why not head to Kallang’s OCBC Aquatic Centre for an indoor pool. For $1-3 per entry, you don’t have to live in a condo to dive into the calm of underwater and escape the storm above!

asian man swimming

2. Jump Roping – relive your primary school nostalgia

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is child’s play. Jump roping isn’t just for little girls but a great cardio workout for adults too.

mature asian man jump roping

3. Embrace your love of watching dramas and try Stair Stepping

If going up and down an HDB staircase doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, try stepping up and down on a small sturdy stool while watching your favourite TV show. Just don’t get so engrossed on TV that you fall down the stool!

stair stepping exercising in rainy weather

4. The power of a spin with Hula Hooping

While it may not work up as much of a sweat as the other activities, it’s a fun way to keep exercising in rainy weather in the comfort of home.

woman hula hooping

5. Jamming along while Planking

Make planking more fun by playing your favourite song and holding your plank through every 5-10 seconds of it. This is a great way to build up your core strength. Get into a push-up position but instead of bending your arms, keep your position with your arms extended. You can put your knees on the ground if it’s too difficult to lift it off. Speak to your personal trainer or physio for getting the correct form before getting started.

asian man planking

6. Love watching YouTube or playing games? Might as well burn some calories while doing it! 

If you don’t own a Wii or Just Dance game at home, why not try your own YouTube search of Zumba videos to dance along. Play Nation is another way to get your groove on with friends with a whole range of board games and console games.

dancing family

7. Don’t resist the ease of a Resistance Band!

Resistance bands are a great tool to get your strength training anywhere. Using a resistance band is a strength training exercise that is great for building muscles. You can find them at most sports stores; a resistance band is also one of the many goodies included in the GlycoLeap package.

resistance band

8. Cleaning your way to a Sparkling Home and Health

What’s better than finishing up all your chores? Doing exercise while you’re at it! Kill two birds with one stone and mop up your floor for 1 hour (which burns the same calories as a 30-minute jog)!

couple mopping and doing housework

9. Bounce away in an Indoor Trampoline Park

AMPED and BOUNCE are just two of the many indoor trampoline parks popping up around Singapore to bounce away the rainy blues.

indoor trampoline park exercising in rainy weather

10. Weighlifting doesn’t have to be with Weights!

If you don’t have weights or dumbbells at home, you can make your own weights by filling up water bottles or using cans of food. If these become too light and easy, increase to a 1L bottle! Tailor the workout to your level by filling the bottles to the exact weight that you want. To step up your game, increase the water amount just a little bit each time you workout.

weightliftingwoman lifting up water bottle

The sky’s your limit when coming up with different ideas to stay fit during wet season. Be creative and let your mind (and body) run wild! Here’s a cute infographic from HPB on the calories burned (against local foods) for different activities. Remember that every step counts; even if it just means standing instead of sitting on the sofa! What’s your favourite way to keep exercising in rainy weather?


Disclaimer: Before you start exercising, always ask your Dr or physiotherapist for clearance on what kinds of exercise are suitable for your conditions and the most appropriate way to do these.

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