Diabetes in Singapore: A Perspective in Numbers

Diabetes in Singapore: A Perspective in Numbers

Over the past two years, there was much news about diabetes in Singapore. A prominent piece of news is that Singapore has the 2nd highest proportion of people with diabetes among developed nations. Due to this, our government launched a campaign against diabetes. In addition, the 2017 Singapore budget included more schemes to curb diabetes. However, have you ever wondered how many Singaporeans are living with diabetes?

Diabetes in Singapore

A study in Singapore showed 3 in 10 people developed diabetes even before turning 40. The age group living with diabetes has gotten younger over the years. This is worrying and evident that we should do something.

With so many news and numbers all over the internet, here’s an infographic that puts it all in one place. Hopefully, these number helped add a little more insights to diabetes in our nation.

Diabetes in Asia Infographic

If you found this information useful, share this with your friends and family! If you are not sure if you have diabetes, take the diabetes risk test or read more about the symptoms here!

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