5 Diabetes-Friendly Fruits You Could Enjoy!

Looking for some diabetes-friendly fruits to include in your diet? But, you’ve heard of some bad rep about fruits, which make you want to avoid them? Fret not! In fact, all fruits are diabetes-friendly, which you can enjoy without worry as long as you keep to the right portions. We feature a few of them here in this infographic.

Portion Control and Glycemic Index for Diabetes-Friendly Fruits.

It’s good to remember that portion control is essential. But other than portion control, the glycaemic index can be another point to note, although only of secondary importance. Glycaemic index (GI) is a ranking system that shows you how a carbohydrate-containing food or fruit raises the blood sugar level. The higher the GI, the more it’ll raise your blood sugar level. For example, watermelon has a high GI, so it’s wise to watch the amount you eat. Although a high GI rating may be intimidating, don’t forget all the other nutrients that are beneficial for you. You’ll soon realise that GI actually may not matter too much if you have a healthy balanced diet in the right portions. For example, a low GI food like unsweetened yoghurt or nuts could be paired with watermelon to create a medium GI meal overall.

Fruits may be sweet but it does not necessarily mean that it is high in sugar. Below is an infographic of 5 diabetes-friendly fruits which you could add to your daily serving of fruits. Don’t forget to eat a variety of fruits, enjoy a rainbow!

Five diabetes-friendly fruits infographic


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