Creamy Mushroom Pasta Made Healthy

Craving for carbonara or creamy mushroom pasta dishes? I know I do from time to time! However, I would be worried about the total and saturated fat content of a typical cream-based pasta. But do not fret, there is mush-room for improvement with this luscious guilt-free recipe. The secret ingredient is an Asian household favourite and incredibly versatile! You can even use it to substitute heavy cream in dessert recipes such as chocolate mousse. High in protein, low in fat and high in calcium; that’s right I’m talking about tofu!

A typical serving of traditional creamy mushroom pasta is around 600 calories; with this healthier recipe it cuts the calories by almost half and provides around 7g of fibre (equivalent to eating 2 apples) all thanks to wholewheat pasta and lots of mushrooms! There are many benefits of including whole grains in your diet. Whole grains contains vitamin E and selenium which may help prevent damage to the blood vessels. In addition, frequent consumption of whole grains can reduce the risk of chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes and also help to support weight management.

The creamy sauce looks and tastes just like cream of mushroom soup, and would be delicious on its own or with a slice of wholemeal bread or two. If preferred, you can add some water for a thinner consistency. For extra fibre and beautiful colours through this dish, you can stir in some baby spinach into the sauce, decorate the border of the plate with boiled/steamed broccoli florets and halved fresh cherry tomatoes or include a side of mixed salad vegetables. For a tasty crunch to the dish, consider adding roasted crushed almonds, hazelnuts or cashews as a pasta topping.


creamy mushroom pasta

Creamy Mushroom Pasta Made Healthy

Serves: 4                Time: 30 mins


  • 1 carton extra smooth silken tofu (~300g)
  • 250g fresh shiitake mushrooms, sliced roughly
  • 3 mini portobello mushrooms (~100g), sliced roughly
  • A small clove of garlic, minced
  • 1 small onion, chopped finely
  • 1 heaped tablespoon of white miso paste
  • 250g wholewheat or wholemeal pasta
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil


  1. Heat pan and add olive oil
  2. Stir-fry garlic and onions until fragrant
  3. Add in sliced mushrooms and stir-fry till it softens
  4. Remove half of the mushrooms and set aside
  5. Add in silken tofu and miso paste to the pan with remaining half of mushrooms, stir well till well combined
  6. Once heated thoroughly, pour mushroom and tofu mixture into a blender and pulse till desired consistency
  7. Boil wholemeal pasta until al dente and drain
  8. Toss pasta and sauce till well combined and serve immediately

Nutritional Facts:

Per serving: 350 calories; 11g fat; 50g carbohydrates; 13 g protein

Carbohydrate Servings: 3

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