creamy beetroot salad

Crunchy Creamy Beetroot Salad

I love a good creamy beetroot salad. On its own, beetroot tastes bland, sour and a little too grassy for my liking. But when made with a creamy sauce, the zinginess and crunch of the beetroot melds beautifully into a rich-tasting dish. I’ve given the original recipe a healthy makeover, using low-fat Greek yoghurt and a tablespoon of olive oil as a substitute for mayonnaise. Inspired by this recipe, hope you enjoy this creamy beetroot salad as much as I do!

Serve this with a side of leafy salad, quinoa or barley risotto and cured salmon for a deliciously indulgent fine dining meal at home!

Crunchy Creamy Beetroot Salad

4 medium-large beetroots
1 small red onion (finely chopped)
3 tbsp low-fat Greek yoghurt
1 tbsp olive oil
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp sugar
1 tbsp vinegar/kombucha


1. Boil beetroots with skin on for 1 hour or until easily pierced with a fork (big beetroots may take longer, while smaller beetroots may cook in 45 minutes). Let cool in cold water.

2. Once cool enough to handle, peel off skin. A tip for this is rubbing the beet with your hands (use gloves to prevent staining).

3. Cut them up into small 2cm cubes or julienne slices with a mandolin or a knife. Place in a large bowl and top with red onion.

4. Add in salt, sugar, vinegar, Greek yoghurt, and olive oil to taste. Give it a good toss.

5. Garnish with parsley or chives on top if you like.

creamy beetroot salad

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