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Control Diabetes with Baby Steps & Dietitians as Friends – Wan’s Story

At 48, with 4 years of diabetes, Wan achieved what she didn’t think she could: control diabetes. She lost 7kg, started eating vegetables and lowered her HbA1c to 5.6% in 6 months.

For years, Wan did not eat vegetables. She found it difficult to find healthy food at her workplace too.

“I don’t take vegetables, skip breakfast often, and there’s no healthy food places around my office. There’s only McDonalds!!”

With the onset of diabetes, she shared about increased backaches and difficulty in sleeping.

“The problem with diabetes is that I feel tired so easily and that I lack energy in work too. I feel like lying down in bed all day.”

“It’s difficult for people to understand the pain I’m going through and how hard it is to be disciplined all the time.”

With the challenges faced, Wan signed up for the GlycoLeap beta trial program in June 2016. She expressed preference for the health coaches to help her take baby steps towards changing her diet. Slowly, she mixed a bit of brown rice into white to adjust to the taste. Gradually, she reduced her portions of carbs. Bit by bit, she introduced vegetables in her diet.

“I’m slowly accepting vegetables although there are some that I ‘don’t dare’ to try! Cabbage, chye sim (choy sum), taugeh (beansprouts) and lettuce are ok. I’m eating them to make my meals healthier.”

When her colleagues noticed that she added vegetables to her meal, they were surprised, she says.

“All these years, they know that I don’t take vegetables. When I took it, they thought something was up!”

She has always been very selective in her meals, but she shared that with nudges from our health coaches, slow and steady changes were made.

After 4 months, she had her medical review. Her HbA1c had reduced from 8.9% to 5.6% and her weight had reduced by 7kg. When asked about how she felt about her successes, she shares about the friendship forged with the health coaches at GlycoLeap. For her, the support and friendship was the catalyst to control diabetes.

“The coaching team constantly gave guidance and support without fail. They are my friends now and without them I would not be where I am today.

From extreme left: Wan’s husband Jalal, Bonnie, Hannah, Liz, Wan

With her hard work and willingness to take the coaching advice, Wan achieved her goals of weight loss (7kg), HbA1c reduction by 3.3%, and increased vegetable intake from 0 to 2 servings per day. Currently, Wan is on GlycoLeap’s maintenance phase and even visits the health coaches once in a while for lunch!

“They’re not just my teachers – We’ve become friends.”

Wan’s continued motivation and successes to control diabetes inspire us to do what we do here at GlycoLeap.

If you face similar concerns about your health or have similar goals to control diabetes, you can take action this year. You can try for free – simply download Glyco app.

What’s GlycoLeap?

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I hope that Wan’s story has inspired you, and we look forward to supporting you in your journey to better health.


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