Break Up Screen Time

It’s easy to put eating on auto-pilot when you are in front of screens. Why? Because when you are watching screens your brain is focused on other things than eating.

A research conducted in England found that eating lunch in front of the computer will encourage another munch later on. The research’s subjects who ate their lunch while playing on the computer ate approximately half an hour afterwards more cookies than subjects who had their lunch with no distractions.

The reason for it can be the lack of attention to what you’re putting in your mouth, which can affect how full you’ll feel later.

You can break the connection between viewing and eating. The trick: try to replace one not-so-healthy habit with a healthier one.

  • Get up and move during commercials
  • Exercise when watching TV: try walking on the spot or even fit in a hula hoop workout!
  • If you feel the urge to snack, sip herbal tea or flavored seltzer
  • Experiment with flavors until you find one that feels like a treat. Or keep Plan-friendly cut-up fruits and vegetables ready on hand.
  • Make chores fly by: Stand and fold laundry while you watch your favorite show.
  • Drastic action: turn off screens!

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