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The BEST Exercise for Diabetes

Here at GlycoLeap, we have a mantra that done is better than perfect. With that in mind, we believe the best exercise for diabetes is anything that gets you up and moving! Many people put off exercise because they think they need to be perfect straight away. They think they need to run marathons, climb mountains or become yoga nuts spending their days as twisted as a spicy noodle soup.

The good news is you can relax, you don’t need to be perfect! You just need to move more in a way that you enjoy! Or at the very least can tolerate!

All it takes is as little as 20 minutes a day of moderate intensity exercise to reduce your risk of premature death from heart disease or stroke by 31%. This is in comparison to people who do not exercise. Just in case you haven’t had it drilled into you by your doctor, heart disease and stroke is a pretty common occurrence for people with diabetes. An occurrence which you no doubt, want to avoid!

Why does exercise have such a strong impact? Quite simply, exercising gives your body everything it needs to function at its best. It strengthens your muscles and bones, reduces your blood pressure and gives your heart a healthy boost! When these things happen regularly, you become healthier!

Once you get into the daily habit of getting your daily dose of the best exercise for diabetes you will feel the difference. You’ll notice that you have more energy, miss fewer days of work or even sleep better. Who doesn’t love sleep??!

Now when we say moderate intensity, we don’t mean running full speed until you can no longer feel your legs! Instead we mean a brisk walk, dancing or playing active games with your children. Even active housework like cleaning the windows or mowing the lawn is moderate intensity.

Often one of the barriers to exercise is not having enough time. We get it, you’re busy, we are busy, everyone is busy. But unfortunately we can’t just put our health on hold. With that in mind, remember it’s not about choosing just one best exercise for diabetes, it’s about getting it done!

There are ways you can easily slip exercise into your daily routine without it throwing off your busy schedule.

Like playing with your kids for 20 minutes when you get home from work. Clearly that’s a no brainer. The kids get parent time, you get your exercise ticked off whilst and both of you get much needed family time.

Or what about if you were to put on your walking shoes when work finishes and walk 20 minutes to the bus stop or the train station. Avoid being packed like a sardine on the train by walking to a less busy stop and get your exercise done on your way home.

Have a dog? It needs a daily walk, so do you!

Don’t forget to keep track of your daily exercise in Glyco. Then we can do all of our fancy calculations to show you how much of an exercise star you are!

If 20 minutes sounds like too much, you can always split it up! You could do a 10 minute walk in the morning to the bus and then go for a 10 minute walk after lunch. Tick, you are done for the day!

What are you waiting for? Don’t make exercise a monster, move your body in a way that you love and do your best to get to that 150 minute mark.

Trust us, exercise is easy when you stop trying to be perfect!

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