7 Benefits of Partner Yoga

Yoga is widely recognised as an effective form of exercise that caters to all ages. It focuses on strength, endurance, and flexibility, which all contribute to a healthy body. Even weight loss is another benefit you can achieve when practicing yoga if you do it regularly. But would you believe that doing partner yoga brings a totally different flavour to the practice?

partner yoga

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Partner yoga is as fulfilling and perhaps more fun than traditional yoga. With that in mind, here are some of its benefits.

1. Partner yoga allows you to loosen up

Just like any pair or group activity, interacting with other people can bring out a sense of playfulness. Partner yoga is a great time to just have fun and explore poses with your companion, letting go of the need to do a pose perfectly the first time around. It’s also a nice way to learn how you can use your strengths or weaknesses to an advantage by complementing your partner.

2. Breeds intimacy for relationships

Partner yoga is one of the best activities for couples when it comes to strengthening their relationship. In fact, even celebrity couples have taken an interest in trying partner yoga because it helps strengthen intimacy in an industry riddled with relationship challenges. It helps develop traits like trust and communication while going through the poses, which can also positively affect a relationship.

3. Reduces stress and anxiety

Yoga in itself is a great stress reliever, but practicing with a partner adds a unique element: touch. Physical touch can be greatly therapeutic, and can make you feel loved without the need for words. Hugs also produce a similar healing effect. This can be particularly helpful when you need support from people around you.

4. Builds memories with friends

In an increasingly busy world, people often get caught up in work and personal tasks. Technological advancements have also allowed us to do things digitally, whether it’s shopping or paying the bills. The volume of what most people do along with the very same things that help them work efficiently have contributed to less human interaction. Partner yoga can reverse that, since it allows you that precious bonding time. It reminds everyone that working out with someone can burn calories and let you have fun at the same time.

5. Heightened self-awareness in poses

Partner yoga is an effective way to get you focus more on your pose execution. Are you engaging the right muscles? Are you evenly distributing the weight of your body during certain postures? Your companion can help you with self-adjustments throughout the poses. Plus, it’s much easier to spot where things may be off when you have a partner because you’ll be able to help each other in pointing out what can be improved to achieve the pose.

6. Takes your practice to the next level

When you have a partner with you, you can take stretches and core workout up a notch. For instance, someone’s body weight on your back can deepen your forward fold. You can also simultaneously work on your hamstrings by doing partner stretches. The added push from someone else can be a great prop in helping your body surpass its current limits. Imagine having your own teacher with you to modify, realign, and guide you through the poses.

7. Lets go of the ego

Sometimes when working out, people get consumed with the idea of vanity, fitness goals, or roughing it up too much. If these are some of your primary reasons when working out, practicing with a partner might be just the thing to get you to switch it up. Partner yoga keeps you in check and allows you to mindfully work through the postures with someone else. No one is “better” than anyone else, for both your strengths and weaknesses should allow you to complete the poses. This is also a mental exercise for teamwork versus focusing purely on yourself.

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