3 Simple Tricks to Move More in your Daily Commute

A common complaint when it comes to exercise, is that there is just not enough time to move more. Our work life, home life and our social life is simply too busy.

Unfortunately, our bodies do not cope well with this lack of exercise and are not happy to stay in perfect health whilst we spend our days sitting. If we continue to avoid exercise, over time it can lead to an increased risk of being overweight, heart disease, diabetes and cancer. As you are aware, managing these conditions can take up a lot more of your time, sweat, energy and tears.

So what about simply focusing on exercising when getting from A to B?

What would this look like?

Believe it or not, there are plenty of opportunities to move your body throughout a working day or even your weekends. All whilst in your work clothes!

Let’s look at 3 simple tricks to move more when getting from A to B:

1. The MRT Station Workout

Almost every MRT station in Singapore has the most beautiful set of stairs! But, no one is using them… If you were to commit to taking the stairs instead of the escalator you could probably climb at least 50 flights of stairs a week. All in a days work!

If you were to do this and take the stairs morning and night at the MRT station you would be doing a weekly workout that burns 150 calories if you take the stairs slowly or 300 calories if you take them quickly. This is the equivalent to a 20-40 minute swim.

Even if you start by walking down the stairs, you will still be burning double the energy in comparison to just standing as the escalators float down.

Learn to love a staircase, no expensive gym membership needed!


2. The Public Transport Secret

We know that the transport system is packed and it can be very tempting to use your car to get to work. But by using your car, it is so easy to not do any exercise, apart from rolling out of bed in the morning and propping yourself at your desk for 10 hours. A sedentary day indeed! Swap your car for public transport. It is likely that you will get in at least 10-15 minutes more of walking, if you combine this with taking the stairs at the MRT you have a workout on your hands! All when getting from A to B!

Even better, a Japanese study recently found that commuting by public transport is linked to a lower risk of having high blood pressure, diabetes and overweight than commuting by car or bike.

In fact compared to drivers, public transport users were:

  • 44% were less likely to be overweight
  • 27% less likely to have high blood pressure
  • 34% less likely to have diabetes

Not only is ditching the car the cheaper option it’s the healthier option!


3. Always take the walking option

This doesn’t happen often, but if you ever get the chance,  to choose between a moving walkway and walking. For the love of exercise, please take the walking option! Walking is one of the most effective forms of exercise to achieve heart health. Every little bit counts, so when faced with this option in airports, MRTs and shopping malls choose the walking option. If you travel often for work than this is key to moving more whilst at airports. Walking laps around the airport is a great way to spend your time waiting for a flight, rather than lounging around eating unhealthy food at an overpriced eatery.


There you have it, three simple tricks to move more throughout the day. Seek every opportunity you can to move on a daily basis and you will soon find you have found the time to exercise!

Catching the train home tonight? Don’t forget to take the stairs!


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