3 Great Active Adventures in Singapore

Stuck for ideas on what you can do this weekend? Rather than revert to the usual weekend activity-eating, why not try moving! There are some fantastic active adventures in Singapore at your fingertips and it is time to get out and do them. Drag along a family member or friend to take a local adventure with you! Who knows, you might enjoy yourself so much that it becomes a regular weekend activity!

As a starter we have put together three well known walks that are worthy of a try!

1.) The Southern Ridges Walk (10 km Trail) 

You can start this walk at either Harbourfront or Kent Ridge MRT. Unless you are a big fan of stairs we would recommend starting at Kent Ridge so you can ease yourself gently into the walk. From Kent Ridge MRT you walk towards Kent ridge park via Science Park drive. You will find an entrance to Kent Ridge about 1.6km from the MRT. As you go into the park, follow the signs to Hort Park or the Southern Ridges walk. Kent Ridge is a beautiful green park to walk through.

Hort Park will follow Kent Ridge, make sure you check out all the little quirks of Hort Park, such as the edible or therapeutic garden! You will also get to see the Hort Lawn, a popular wedding spot!

Following Hort Park you will then get to do the forest walk, an elevated walkway amongst the treetops, watch out for monkeys!

Winding down the hill from the forest walk you will head onto the Henderson Waves and up into Faber park!

You can finish your walk with a healthy breakfast at Harbourfront! Or keep walking onto Sentosa!

If this sounds like a walk you would like to try. Check out the guide from Singapore National Parks and reviews.


2.) Pulau Ubin

Feel like getting off the island for the day? For you next active adventure in Singapore, why not head to Pulau Ubin. Jump on a bumboat from Changi Point Ferry terminal over to Pulau Ubin and hire a bike to ride around the island. The bumboat will cost $3 per person and once on the island you can easily arrange a bike with one of the vendors.

Take a cruise around the island riding down jungle lined streets and get a taste of Kampung life.

Finish off the bike ride with lunch at one of the restaurants.

For more details on Pulau Ubin check out this site.

Pulau Ubin 2

3.) MacRitchie Reservoir (12km Trail)

Everyone loves the 12km loop at MacRitchie! Shaded all the way with monkeys everywhere it truly is an adventure in the heart of the city! Easy to get to by public transport or bus. It is a walk that the whole family will enjoy!

A popular spot for running groups and kayakers you are sure to find a way to enjoy the reservoir.

Check out more on the National Parks site.

active adventures in singapore

So this weekend, take the active adventure in Singapore option! You won’t regret it!

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